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Japan international border news: Japan re-opens on 11th October 2022

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10th October 2022

Since the news that borders would open in late September, there hasn't really been much to report. This is great because it means things will be as simple as they initially seemed. 

From tomorrow 11th October, here's a summary of the situation:

  • A COVID-19 test is no longer required on arrival in Japan.
  • EITHER: A certificate confirming you have had at least 3 vaccine shots recognised by the WHO. It needs to be issued by an official body, with a Japanese or English translation if in another language.
  • OR: A certificate confirming the negative status of COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours before departure for Japan from the country of origin.
  • There is no longer any need to be on a guided tour.
  • Everyone needs to fill out a pre-arrival questionnaire, which can be done online in advance using something called Fast Track.

Details of all these things can be found on the official government websites, and travel companies will be happy to help too.

One more thing needs to be mentioned... masks. This is undoubtedly a complicated issue. The majority of Japanese people continue to wear masks, even outdoors. While it might not be absolutely required by law, it is being strongly recommended for (and requested of) visitors. This may seem unnecessary or even slightly silly to some. Still, if you want to get on with locals and be sensitive to their norms, it is best to have masks on hand when there are people around. Visitors will be able to see the situation regarding masks as soon as they arrive in Japan.

Anyway, we are so happy that Japan is finally opening up to the world.

And, of course, we hope that some of you will be able to come this winter to enjoy the snow!



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