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Day 26 Mar 9th 2014 :

For our 26th day out we went to a resort that we hadn't been to for about 6 years and the main reason for going was because my daughter and I were competing in a technical ski race, something we had never done before. Both of us have done slalom and I often practice slalom for fun but have never done a technical ski course were by you have to ski down a slope with waves on it using certain styles and then your are marked with points. The better your style the more points you get.

Well having not done this before we didn't really know what style we should use except for the first run we had to use large turns, the second run small turns and the the third run was free style.

Well although we did all the requirements as par say, we didn't really get the style right at the correct sections so we didn't score so high, but it was fun to do and now I know what is required I may well practice for that and compete again next year.

Actually my favourite is to compete in slalom, which is what I practice a lot, so I have both speed and style for that, but in technical, speed is not really required but correct style is so that was quite a new experience.

Neither of us expected to win as we had never done this type of competition before, but it was fun and we both enjoyed the competing atmosphere and both agreed we would do it again after some practice.


Before and after the race we skied the resort and also did the alpine course several times which was fun as it is steeper than the course in Sun Meadows and made for a pleasant change. A bit more steep would have been even better still, as this was quite easy for both of us, and because it was quite a steep course their were hardly anyone there leaving it pretty much for us alone.

The resort its self was very crowded and we had to wait to get the lift if we wanted to ski the other courses, the alpine however was empty.


I used to go there many years ago when I was still a beginner/intermediate level skier and found the intermediate course there quite difficult at that time and I thought at the time there is no way in hell am I going to do the alpine course that looks as steep as.....

Now even the alpine course is easy, so I was thinking how much my skiing has come along since the last time I was there, having said that I still need to improve and become even better, but I am getting there bit by bit and enjoying myself doing it.


If it were not for the race I don't think we would have bothered going, because apart from the alpine course which is anyway short there is nothing worth skiing unless your level is intermediate or below.


It is however a nice little resort and is a great family and beginner place and has a nice cake shop, cafe and decent restaurant and outside sitting area.

The snow like my local was also deep , plentiful and soft.

The alpine course had some icy patches in odd place as it is sun facing and the temps stayed well below freezing during the day creating icy patches, but otherwise very nice snow, and it was a mostly sunny day so made for perfect conditions

Ok I put the few pics that I took, just from the alpine course, nothing special, but photos non the less



View from the top of the alpine course. There is actually a fairly steepish drop off, although it can't be seen from the top until you start going down.


A view looking up the alpine course from about half way down


A view looking down the alpine course from halfway down.


A view from the lift, obviously!



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Depends on my mood, mostly I go around them with out touching other times I will try to go really low and hit the poles. They don't really hurt actually as they are very soft and flexible, or maybe I am not hitting them hard enough or low enough down to hurt.

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