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It's been a long time between postings for me, but I hope I can ask your collective advice!


I'm hoping to head back up to Japan early March for 10 to 14 days of skiing, and wondering what my best options might be: I'm currently thinking of going to Furano (I've never been before), as it seems fairly affordable and has a good reputation for snow, but how is it, typically, in March?


Last two trips have been to Niseko, which was remarkable for snow in mid-March; before that, I was living in Tokyo and could escape to Yuzawa as conditions looked good.


Any suggestions?

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I love Furano to bits for all reasons and all seasons.


If you're going for skiing in March, you should really consider other areas. The snowfall in March is not very good; it's a quarter of what you'd get in Niseko.


But if you're going for lots of super things to do and have some skiing on the side, then go for it.

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Winter of course the snow sports and then hitting the restaurants in town. For lunch a 100 meter walk from Kitanomine gondola is a superb ramen shop.


Cheese factory with ice cream parlour and italian restaurant using their own cheese ingredients.


Chateau Furano with the cellars and wine tasting where you pour your own!! Always end up buying half a doz.


Jam Garden. I'm not a sweet thing fan but the women seem to love it.


And of course the summer season is just beautiful with all the flowers everywhere and those fabulous melons. Melons, lavendar ice cream and summer wine.


And for some farm fun, dig up a coupla kilos of Furano potatoes and bake those to go with the local steak you bought from Forest or Bestom.


And finally, 34 in the sun but only 26 in the shade, no sweatng armpits. Nice summer.

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