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Niseko rocks, even if th snow is bulletproof. You can't go wrong with the big N. And there are discounts for some lodges in March.


I reckon it's just something that has to be done, regardless of conditions.


Based on package availability, leaning towards 3.5 days in Niseko, then overnight in Sapporo, followed by half a day at Kiroro and plane home...


Would have gone for Teine the last day, but the bus from there to the airport seems to leave too late for my purposes. For some reason Kiroro seems to have more bus options, even though it is farther from the airport. (Am I missing something?)


you can take a train direct from Teine station to the airport.......what time is your flight? Shuttle bus from Teine resort is at 3.30pm, gets down to station about 4pm......rapid airport train at 4.26pm


Thanks, Tubby, that would actually work.


As for Niseko, it turns out that their nighters stop just at the beginning of school vacation time... which reduces the appeal for that time of year.


I'm now leaning towards Rusutsu, and omitting Sapporo. Bus straight from airport, then just ski, eat, drink, sleep. Rinse, repeat, until time to go home.

Maximum time on hill, minimum faffage.


Could maybe try to work in a day at Niseko, though the door-to-door bus will not be running by then, so I think slightly more work to do. (Have to change buses at Kutchan station?)

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Tsugaike Kogen


Taihen good idea. :thumbsup:


However, in the event, the conclusion ended up being... Appi Kogen.

Somewhat out of left field, perhaps, but can drive there, with dog, so came to make the most sense in the end.


Now to select a suitable cheese...


Thanks to all for suggestions!

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