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Last weekend we made it into a 4 day weekend and headed to Kustatsu to escape the heat. Once you leave the highway there are electronic signs giving the current temperature, it was so nice to see figures starting with a 1.


After a day at Toy World for the kids we went halfway up the mountain, (the top was clouded over) and I walked down following the main ski run. The next day we drove to the top, and joined hundreds of others in walking 20 minutes to see the lake that is the source of the onsen water for the town.


Below are a few photos. I tried where possible to take the same shot I did in winter to show the difference. Couldn't get exactly the same shot but tried to get as close as possible.







Two views of the slope above main base from the carpark





Looking down on main base





Looking down on the top gondola station





Top of lift 4, looking towards lifts 1/2, with lift 6 tucked away bottom right of slope





Looking from top of lift 10 to top of lift 11. Note the water in the way. Lift 10 was working during August, taking hikers up to get a head start on the walk to one of the peaks. (was closed when I was there, was a bit of a walk up)






Bottom of lift 10






Looking out towards the heli base, carpark for the walk to the lake can be seen in the middle of the photo





Looking down from the top Gondola station, intersection with run from lift 10 at the back middle





Looking up at bottom gondola station from main run





Main run bottom half, lots of rocks





Looking up at the bridge over the road, approx half way down bottom half of run





Looking from lifts 1/2 to bottom lift 6, top of lift 4 top left of photo





Top of mountain and source of all the onsen water. This seemed a very popular spot. There was a steady stream of traffic up and down the mountain, including a large number of tour coachs. The track up was crowded. There would easily have been a hundred people on the track at the same time as we were there.


The trip was fun, dipite the lack of snow :-) and well worth it if you want to escape the heat for a while and visit onsens.

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