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Uploading photos to SnowJapan (new 'how to' guide added)

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  • SnowJapan Admin

As I write this, snow is coming down in many regions of Honshu at last and so it looks like the season will soon be underway properly in many areas of Japan. (No sniggering Hokkaido people!)


So I thought this was a good time to make a post on the subject of photos, especially after a recent discussion in another topic.


Uploading photos to SnowJapan


With our new Forums comes a new and very easy way to upload photos.

See that blue bar top right? You'll see a link called 'Photos'.


Click on that to go to the new Forums Photo section.

Once there on the right hand side you will see a blue button called 'Upload'.

Clicking on that you will have a choice of 'New Album' or 'Select Album'.

Choose one of those and follow the instructions and it should be a very quick and easy process to upload multiple photos at the same time.

You can create your own Galleries (only your photos) or upload to the general galleries (including the special 'Emergency Telephone' or 'Cheese at Resorts' galleries) if you wish.

You can also very easily link/embed them into the Forums once they are there.

Hopefully you will find it very easy. I'll post a Help topic on the subject tomorrow.

If you try and encounter any problems you can contact us and we will be happy to help at any time.


The photo section on our main site remains in place and you are welcome to upload photos there too:


Those photos get linked in to the resorts around Japan on the main site, so if you have the time - good idea to upload there too!


Please we would like to ask that no advertisements, promotions or websites are put on the photos.

If you wish to put your full name or Forums member name on there in a corner, we do not have a problem with that -- but please keep it about the size of the snowjapan stamp on the photos.

Thank you very much.




Onegai shimasu! (Request!)


I just wanted to take the opportunity to ask members of the community to make use of our Photos section(s) and upload photos that you wish to share with this community to one of the above systems.

Now, I realise that some people have blogs, upload their pics to social media sites and/or their own websites etc, and might just want to quickly embed their photos here.

I don't think it's often that we ask for things, but it would make us very happy if people used these systems and uploaded photos to SnowJapan --- it is one way that you can help support us and what we do. Indeed, it kind of also helps support the ski resorts too as our site gets a very large number of eyeballs and drives a lot of traffic to Japanese ski resorts. The more photos & stoke the better, and they certainly don't need to be pro-photographer quality.


As you no doubt know we have made some pretty major updates to SnowJapan for this season. We have some further major plans for next season that we have already started working on. We'll do what we can to keep improving what we have here, keep the Giveaways coming and spreading the word about Japan winter sports.


Anyway, here's to a fantastic season. Let it snow!


Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it.


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  • SnowJapan Admin

It seems I should perhaps make one point clearer.


If you wish to put your full name on a photo to upload, that is fine....


But please refrain from company business names or website addresses and that kind of thing.


And if you could please also keep the name about the same size as the SnowJapan mark, we would appreciate it.


Thank you very much.



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  • SnowJapan Admin

How to upload photos to the Forums


First of all go to the Photos section and click on 'Upload Photo':







Next, choose either a general gallery (one that anyone can upload photos to) or a gallery just for your photos (only you can upload to):







If you choose 'Select Album', all of the albums available to you will appear in a popup. Choose a Gallery by clicking on it:






If you choose to create a 'New Album', a popup will appear where you fill in the name and description:







Next, click on 'Choose Files' to select the photos you want to upload from your computer:







Once you have chosen the images, they should 'load' and you should see a button called 'Review & Publish'. Click on that:






You can now give each photo a title and description:





And that's it... your photos should now be uploaded to the Photos section. :)


Just a few more things:



You can upload multiple photos at the same time (but please don't get too carried away and try to upload too many at the same time!);



The system should be able to cope with fairly large images, but if at all possible please try to upload images that have been re-sized - an optimal size is between 750 and 1000 pixels in width. (They get resized anyway, and large images just take up lots of space and bandwidth)



We are happy for you to stamp a photo with your name before you upload if you wish.

But please do not add business names, company names or website addresses... the Photos section is not a vehicle for promotion.

Please also keep the stamp you add small and in a corner, similar to the one we add.


Thank you!

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  • SnowJapan Admin

How to add photos to a post on the Forums


You have two choices for embedding photos from the Photos section into a post on the Forums:






If you choose A, you embed the photo directly into a post.

Click on the icon shown above and then paste the URL of the photo into the popup box that appears:






If you need to find the URL of the photo, when viewing the full size image in the Photo section, right click (or equivalent) and the URL should appear as shown below:






If you choose B, click on 'My Media' to add a thumbnail to the image in the post which links directly back to the image in the Photos section:







If you need any help at all please just give us a shout.

Click on the 'Contact' link top right of this page and we will quickly get back to you.


Thank you.

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