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Introducing SnowJapanResorts



Last season we introduced an improved Resort Search feature on our main site.

While that was an improvement, we still wanted to try and find a way to move away from the idea of a basic search form and have spent time since then thinking through how we could further improve the experience.

We wanted something that was more visual.

Something that was more useful.

Something that allowed for much more detailed and flexible searches.

And something that was simple and fun to use at the same time.


SnowJapanResorts is the result of that process.


I will keep the explanations here to a minimum as we have prepared two Help pages that give details on what SnowJapanResorts is all about and ideas on how to use it.


If you intend to use it, please do read them as they will be a big help in getting to know the new site and also answer some of the main questions you may have.


>> About SnowJapanResorts

>> How to use SnowJapanResorts


On the above page you can find seven video demonstrations that show the site in action and some of the things that can be done.

Here is one of those videos, so please do take a look to get an idea of what it is all about


>> Video demo: 'The basics'


A very big thank you to the few people that helped with feedback and comments in the latter stages of development.


As always with things like this, and as much as we have spent literally months testing and fine-tuning, it can never really be called 'finished' and we do plan to continue to update things - in particular the 'useful info' that we have included for some resorts.

If you have any interesting info about a resort that you think would fit in (marketing blurb not included), please do let us know and we will consider adding it.


We hope that you like this new project, and are keen to hear your comments and impressions.




If you would like to comment on this please do so in this topic:


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