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Info on season passes seems to be somewhat scattered. Thought I'd bring it together under an appropriate title.


So far, Hakuba 47/Goryu for the princely sum of 63,000.


Super season ticket-47/goryu/Appi/ARAI/Kurumaya/ciao ontake/winghils for 84,000


Tsugaike, 30,000


There appears to be a 'super pass', including the above plus others from Gifu to Tohoku. Any info on this?

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You've been editing your message haven't you?!

Had me going a bit there with the Hakuba Super 7 pass....


I could do with Blair confirming, but I think Arai dropped out of the "Snowbird" group last year. At 84,000 I can't see them selling any. Last year it was 63,000. Last season, Arai had an extended season pass that covered part of Myoko (you know, the place with what Arai calls the "dinosaur resorts" \:\) ) which went for something like 75,000.


47/Goryu's is 48,000 until the end of October. That's what I paid last year. Having bought the pass on October 31, I started using it on November 6. \:D I got my money's worth by New Year.


Unfortunately, the wide-coverage passes that you'd really want are all sold at low prices on a limited-number lottery basis. As a business model I think it's ridiculous, but that's possibly due in part to my own situation. I can afford to pay a fair whack and live close enough to get good value.


Anyway, these are the ones I know about. Expect to pay 20,000 to 30,000 if you win. There are only a few hundred of each on the go, so they will all be oversubscribed many times over.


Mount6 - Big resorts like Myoko, Nozawa, Zao, Happo.


Hakuba Super 7 - The resorts in Hakuba from Iwatake south to Sanosaka and south east to Minekata. Tsugaike and further north is Otari, not Hakuba


Nagano Snow Love - All Nagano resorts. No details so far for 03/04.


Whether intentional or not, people with local addresses hardly ever seem to win. Also, aside from ski or board-kichigai people who will go to the resorts anyway, few people seem to know about such campaigns, so I get the impression that the "it's a big loss-making gimmick but it gets us lots of free publicity" line of thinking is a somewhat mistaken mad.gif . I think they should sell an unlimited number for a realistic price (Hakuba 7 maybe 70,000, Nagano 80,000) to the people that genuinely want them.


Good luck everyone! If someone is going to win, it might as well be someone who reads a winter sports forum in summer....

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Thanks for the info NoFakie.


Me, edit... don't know what yer talking about... ;\)

Not my fault, there was a run on sentence on the website I got the info from...


How does one enter for the draws? Being a mere 500 ks down the road, I may stand a chance.


Anyone know if there is a combined Sun Alpina season pass?

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Hakuba's is through the Hakuba tourist board website. It's linked from the Hakuba website. You can't apply yet.


Nagano Snowlove-through the Snowlove website. Again this is yet to be relaunched properly.


Mount6- through this site


though again you have to wait until October 18.


Dunno about Sun Alpina. Sanosaka had a two adults+two kids (up to jhs) for 30,000 season ticket last year.

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48,000 for 47/Goryu is not such a bad deal. Probably the best place to have a pass to in the valley if you are going to call one place home. It could be cheaper though. US resorts (at least on the West Coast) are offering better and better early season passes and discounts for students, etc.

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Just a moan...


I think it really stinks that the Sun Alpina Kashimayari season pass is so expensive (about 55000), and only valid for kashimayari (not sanosaka and aokiko). If it included those 2 hills too (which a day pass does), it would be perfect for me mad.gif I spent a lot of time at kashimayari last season, but it was only tolerable because of the aokiko/sanosaka option - they have some great little runs with mini jumps etc over there.


Also, they dont seem to be offering any early bird discount...

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