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SnowJapan Nozawa Photo Contest 07/08 - The Results


Here are the winners* of the SJ Nozawa Photo Contest 07/08.


The winners were chosen by the friendly people at the Nozawa snow resort from valid photos uploaded to SnowJapan last season.


Just to be clear, the photos submitted to Nozawa were coded - making them anonymous. There was no favouritism and no bias - just the photos for Nozawa to choose the winners.


1st Prize - 10 Nozawa Onsen lift pass vouchers

Winner: slow




2nd Prize - 3 Nozawa Onsen lift pass vouchers

Winner: joshnii




3rd Prize - 2 Nozawa Onsen lift pass vouchers

Winner: iiyamadude




Congratulations to the winners, who have now all been notified via email.


Thank you to everyone who has uploaded photos to SJ (whether they are valid for the competitions or not... this year all photos will be valid, see below).


Once again a big thank you to Nozawa Ski for co-operating with us on this Contest.


We have announced some new Photo Contests that will be running this season. Details can be found here:





* provisional winners - dependent on the winners accepting the conditions & prizes.

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  • 3 months later...

I had a great time in Nozawa onsen this weekend!

I have been too busy to go skiing this winter but I could ski with Ewok and Risa finally. They also enjoyed thier first time Nozawa onsen experience. It was really fun weekend.

Thank you very much for the tickets SJ!!!


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  • 4 months later...

we walked around the town after nice dinner, onsen, ashiyu and then onsen again. the snow condition was not the greatest but it was such a nice relaxed weekend.

arigato deshita!

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