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thank you for all your responses guys and girls.. it seems this has turned into a debatable topic which i didn't mean for it to be..


personally.. i was thinking of traveling to japan next year but friends of ours wanted to go as well but didn't have a date set.. so we pushed our holiday forward and this was the time which was suitable for one of us.. so that is the story behind it..


i will keep in mind karuizawa prince if that is the only place and chance i get to experience ski slopes whether it be artificial or the real deal.. im not desperate for skiing if that is what you have in mind but it would be nice as overseas holidays is something i don't get to experience very often especially for long periods of time ie. any more than 2 weeks..


as i will be in osaka and tokyo, i only need somewhere close by as i am juggling the idea of jr pass or alternative passes available.. i don't personally think we will trek too far out anyway.. so something really close would be great..

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