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Edit: This is for domestic. sorry me make boo boo..


Just some info i got about online booking in for Jetstar..



Introducing Jetstar's Web Check-in Service!


You can now check-in for all Jetstar domestic flights via the web at Jetstar.com, saving you time at the airport.


Web check-in opens 24 hours before your flight's scheduled departure and closes 2 hours before your flight's scheduled departure.


How it works:


We've designed everything to be as simple as possible and in a few easy steps you'll be checked in.

Visit Jetstar.com and follow the links for web check-in

Enter the surname of the person who made the booking and the Booking Reference Number

Print your boarding pass.

At the airport:

You will need to bring your pre-printed boarding pass with you to the airport.

If you do not have baggage to check-in you can go straight to your departure gate.

If you do have baggage to check-in, take your pre-printed boarding pass to our dedicated JetCheck express lane. Please note that if your bags are not checked in by 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time you will not be able to board the flight. We recommend you check in your bags at least 45 minutes before your flight's scheduled departure to help us get your flight away on time because we realise on time performance is very important for our customers.

Try our web check-in demo at Jetstar.com to see how easy it is to save time online.





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Domestic only mate?


I am flying jetFart. Perth to melbs,. Melbs to Sydney, Sydney to Osaka, so i guess I can do that for the first 2 legs, not sure about the last one. Well, we have 4 hours in each airport first 2 legs, so it's either bar lounge, sleep or organize tix =)


great info Kokodoko, cheers mate!


Wisepearl, or anyone in Osaka, have you got a recommendation for a Hotel the first night?< I am still struggling to know what to do. Since we are getting the 3 week rail pass, i don't want to pay more & get an overnight bus to hakuba, would rather take train. Sighs, it's all so complicated being white =0

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oh doh! Domestic! Maybe i should learn to read before i post!!11!!


I have sussed out a few hotels in the shin-imamiya area. They are heaps cheap there.. Also, it is near the subway that goes direct to ShinOsaka Station for the bullet train..


Shin Imamiya Cheap Hotels


Hotel Toyo



Yougendo GuestHouse.


To get to Shin Imamiya from the airport you take the osaka loop train.

To get to Shin Osaka you can get the subway at Dobutsuen-mae station.

Both stations are very close to these cheap hotels.


I hope some of that helps. To make up for my big booboo.. doh!

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I am wanting to get from Nagoya to Hakuba (also jetstar flight) I was wanting to get an 18 Kippu pass (http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2362.html) It says only valid on local trains (futsudensha/kakuekiteisha) and rapid trains (kaisoku). Would this be an option?


I have been using this site for train info. http://grace.hyperdia.com/cgi-english/hyperWeb.cgi





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I went to the travel agent at lunch today. Sunshine Tours are running overnight buses from 10500 yen between Osaka and Hakuba. The service leaves at about 9:30 p.m. from Shin Osaka and you arrive in Hakuba at about 6 a.m. Right now, there are seats available up to and on December 28th (the final business day of the year). Don't know about after that. The bus also stops in Kyoto and there are shuttles to take you to the bus should you need them.


I went to Heiwado travel agency so most agencies (including JTB) should be able to book for you. The agent reckons that Sunshine is cheaper, faster, more comfortable and more convenient than using the JR. I called JR West bus yesterday and they said that they have no serivce to Hakuba, only Matsumoto. It's about the same price as going direct to Hakuba on Sunshine.

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plane comes in at 8:30 pm. I have no desire to spend a night on the bus after 8-9 hours on a plane.. \:\)

and i cant sleep on buses.


If i get a very early train i can get to hakuba by midday'ish and maybe get an afternoon ski in.. maybe..

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