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I did have a full beard when i was in Thailand last year. Mainly because i was too lazy to shave.


Now i sport a small goatie type thing and sideburns down to my jaw. My girl likes them so they will be hanging around for a while. Had my sidies since i was 15 and they are kinda part of me now. \:D


Im toying with the idea of growing a full beard again after finding out how cold it gets in Niseko!



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Hello peoples,


Goatees are cool !! I have sported one for the past few years, hence, it is now more then 6 inches long \:D I do get a bit worried in winter that it might snap off.


I have also shaved my head for the last 5 years or so, and I think I can honestly say most girls,at least find it a bit intriguing.......Akibun, have you ever had smooth head to play with.............. \:\)


Take care, and see you on the slopes soon.

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