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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there - I was wondering if anyone knows of an overnight bus or train that travels between Narita or Tokyo and Aomori? I arrive late in the afternoon on the 31st in Narita and would like to start the journey right away but noticed that I may have to wait until the am. Kind of convoluted - anyone have a travel tip for the new guy? Thanks, Matt
  2. Not really a Trip Report, just a few pics taken on my phone. The indoor ones are of the Wanaka Transport Museum - one of the most interesting and complete collection I have seen. Spent 3 hours there easily. Doubly amazing in that it is such a small community.
  3. Hey I was in Niseko a few seasons back and we are considering going to Japan again. I think we want to check out Niseko again but also some other place(s). Looks like Rusutsu can be done from Niseko, but Furano is further right? Using public transportation, what sort of time are we looking at taken from Niseko to Furano? Anyone give me an idea? Cheers
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