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  1. i just know some hotels in shinjuku, such as Hilton, Keio plaza, Park Hyatt, prince hotel etc..., but never stayed. i think Keio plaza has luxury four room family room. this hotel also has english site, but i cannot find this room in English site. it said "luxuary forth(?) room" good luck!!
  2. had good time there and got mug! thanks soubs, your cake was really good! me jane, thank u so much to ride me in your car!! it was really helpful! also nice to c u again hope i can c u in ichinomiya this summer
  3. Originally Posted By: Ewok 2 Originally Posted By: mermaid thats really great pics, BP! sugoi, sugo-i moshi moshi mermaid pls let me start counting your "sugo-i".. now it's "2"! ooops
  4. lots of fun in Hakuba, thanks tsonda, fjef, etc... the nabe was also yum! first time to eat bishu-nabe. hope to c u again the end of Jan. hope will be there with slow
  5. anytime will be fine! exciting to go there, and hope lots of snow this winter... will go with slow when i go! looking forward to seeing Hannah
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