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  1. Hi All, Went to JPN about two years ago and after getting the snowboard bug I am comin' back! While the missus is with her family for a few weeks I have been allowed to go up north and shred the pow. I had a hard choice of either choosing Hakuba or Niseko but... I went to hakuba last time and with the Qantas oneworld allowing 10,000 yen tickets one way from Fukuoka to Sapporo that make my choice to try Niseko (cost 3 times as much to train it to Hakuba than fly to Sapporo). Haven't worked out accom yet but I hope to stay at a hostel near the main village, maybe at the Kanon. So my plan
  2. Hey, Does anyone know any good, and possible cheap instructors to get lessons? I have never boarded before and definetly want to get 4-5 lessons over a week while in hakuba. Any good tips or reviews would be appreciated. Cheers Alex
  3. Come on snow... only 3 weeks till i am there... i dont want to waste my money!
  4. Sensational. Cheers for your input. 9 nights 27000 yen, so cheap. Its going to be legit. Might see some of you there
  5. Hi, Never been snowboarding before or to japan and I just want to make sure before i spend a boot load of cash that hakuba 'should' have good snow, especially for a beginner in early jan? Thank you in advance for your input. Alex
  6. KAROK, I hosted a bunch of malaysian military cadets on tour last year and they LOVE their karaoke... Asians and karaoke, they take it too seriously. They made me/beg, pretty much, for me to sing an australian song. I obviously chose Khe Sahn and Down under. I love karaoke, however, noone else likes me singing . Alex
  7. Last community even I did was I shaved my head for movember. I raised over $2000... I was a very ugly, ugly man for 3 months. Never again!!! I use to do a lot when I was younger, always in on the clean-up australia day etc. But now not so much... Alex
  8. I just bought this new album, I am a MASSIVE fan of metallica. I am not too sure about the album, it definetly is in the right step compared to the last album... Some songs are realllly good, some others are so so. I think they are trying to go back to their old routes of justice days. Anyway thats my rant, what are everyones elses thoughts?
  9. I dont know about that... I always get cheers when I sing Khe Sahn or Down under... Aussie classics!
  10. Awesome, I dont need a MASSSIVE night life... I just hope that some people like to party... Like i would show my karoeke skills with the song Down Under... I just would like a western and japanese mix, which hakuba looks good... Are any people here going to be in hakuba during the jan/feb period.. It would be good to meet someone that I would know, rather than total strangers.
  11. Well the V-22 Osprey is "effectively" a rotory aircraft... With a operational range of 800 nm, so yes, you could say you could make it to NZ...
  12. Talking about aircraft, fixed wing are for lemons... If it don't hover, don't bother!
  13. The most fuel efficient plane in the world, the new 787 uses 3.1L/100 km of Jet Fuel (kerosine based) per seat. But as soubriquet says, it all depends on the take-off weight, speed, height, temperature and a big one - wind...
  14. I have not been to a country music gig once... However, the population of Tamworth over that inevitable january period doubles so it must be "ok".
  15. Hey all, I am thinking of staying in Hakuba for a month next year. Looking at the accomodation available in the section is very good info. However, I am not sure what the nightlife is like at these backpackers/lodge style accomodations. Does anyone have any experience with any backpacker resorts or style lodges with a good night life atmoshphere. Thank you for your input Alex
  16. In response to your question SJForums I was going to PM someone about accomodation that I saw in an earlier post. Instead of starting a new thread or resurrecting a dead one I was going to PM the person directly. I would like to give input to SJF but I have never boarded or skiied, or even been to Japan. I plan on going this season for a month or two though. Nice to see another Tamworth'ite (JA) on the forums... small world this one. Alex
  17. Is there any way to get around the 20 posts needed to activate the private messages or use chat box... I really dont want to have my very limited opinion on snow or japan on every post just to get my 20 posts up. Cheers Alex
  18. Hey all, Myself and a mate are going to travel to japan between 22 Dec to 02 Jan. We are trying to get cheap backpackers type accomodation at hakuba. If anyone knows and good legit places can you please let me know. Is it better to pre-book lift tickets are should we just wait to choose a resort on the day. Anyway we are from australia so it is going to be freezing in japan at that time of year. If anyone also wants to pass on any travel tips/good experiences I will appreciate it. Cheers Alex P.S. I accidently posted it in wrong section...
  19. Myself and a few mates are going to Japan from late December to early January this year. We want to go snowboarding for a week in Japan. Where would the best place be for not only snowboarding but also for night life as well. We are all about 23ish so we are fairly young. I was thinking of Hakuba (or whatever its called) as there are alot of resorts and places to say. If anyone can point in the right direction it would be appreciated Cheers Alex McD
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