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  1. Arai won't be opening this year but maintenance will be done to allow it to open new year. According to one of the papers
  2. Let me rephrase. I was told by two totally unconnected people. The first of which told me about a month ago. The story, I believe, was also printed in one of the local newspapers yesterday. The article also said that while negotiations were still ongoing they were cautiously hopeful of getting things up and running around October or November. I don't live in that actual area so I didn't see the paper but this story was in fact printed. I'm backing out now. My family like the place and I was just wondering if anyone else had any more concrete information
  3. I've heard from more than one person that some foreign funded company is in advanced discussions regarding taking over Arai. I wonder what changes they'll make. Nice place but no customers is no customers.
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