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  1. Hey Guys, A big thank you for your comments, to date, Any opinions on the following cities to live and play in the snow; - Matsumoto - Nagano - Nagoya - Sapporo - Niigata Cheers, Mick
  2. Quote: Originally posted by Toque: Check out Matsumoto in Nagano as well I really like that place And you could be in Hakuba in less than an hour And gateway to the North, South and Central alps From Matsumoto to Hakuba in an hour? Is that by train, bus or car?
  3. Hi RockyV If you have any contacts at all, for jobs in Nagano, it would be greatly appreciated. PM or email me if you like. Cheers Mick
  4. RockyV Appreciate the info. Thanks! Looking them up as we speak. Cheers Mick
  5. One more question guys, If we were to get jobs in Nagano, whould any one have some recommendations on a decent local (20-30min away from Nagano City) resort/hill. Cheers Mick
  6. NPM or All Do you have any info on the costs associated with buying a relatively cheap second hand car, any issues like registration, insurance etc. Are there any unique processes for a foreigner buying a car, like "key money" Cheers Mick
  7. Awesome! Thank you all. By the sounds of it I guess we’ll reside to working in the larger cities (if all goes well of course!) Nagano city, Sapporo. I’ll also look into Matsumoto, Yamagata and Himeji, cheers. Any one live in either Sapporo or Nagano and regularly do the commute to Niseko or Happo One/Nozawa. If so what’s it like? Time? Train, bus or car? Kinda leaning to Sapporo for work, and possibly skiing Sapporo Teine as the local hill and doing trips to the larger ones. Have a mate that skied Sapporo Teine and loved it, but am definitely opened for any other suggestions, fo
  8. Hay! My wife and I are Aussies moving to Japan for a year or two, to teach English. I was wondering if any one has worked in, or near an Alpine area in Japan, or at least knows anyone who might have. The primary reason we are moving over there is to ski, teaching English is a means to an end. We are looking at Niseko in Hakkaido, or Nazawa/Hakuba in Nagano. Open to all other recommendations. We want to live close to the slopes and preferably work close to them, but understand that may not be an option, hence any suggestions for areas with the closest proximity to regions we wou
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