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  1. I started snow boarding with my right foot forward for the first few times. I then realised that I kept riding my board backwards so had my board changed. I guess you just have to go with what feels natural for you. I am one of those people who writes right handed and throws a ball and eats with a knife and fork left handed. This just highlights the wonders of the human brain.
  2. I usually turn the heater on for 40min - 1hr before going to bed and then turn if off when I turn in for the night. There is nothing better than snuggling up with your down doona (sorry, Aussie here) and your partner to keep you warm through out the night. Socks also help. I'm one of those people who can't sleep with cold feet.
  3. Hi all Does anyone know of some good places to go for a few drinks in Sapporo. I have recently moved here and am looking for a good pub etc to wind down at on the weekends. Any suggestions are appreciated. Cheers!!
  4. I have a embarrassing problem in that I cannot get off the lift without falling flat on my face. I had a lesson with an instructor who quickly showed us how to skate on our board, then we practiced for about a minute and then it was onto the lift. I have been boarding once since the lesson and only managed not to fall once. Nobody else seems to have this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions/advice about getting off the lift? I really want to fix this prob quickly.
  5. Hi all Have some questions about snowboard boots and how they should fit. Have just bought my first pair which came with a beginner's board/bindings/boots set. I have used them twice now and have found that my heals tends to be loose but my toes are touching at the other end. I got boots that were a cm bigger than my usual shoes. I'm not sure whether they just need to be broken in, are too small and I need to go bigger or I just got a crappy pair of boots. Any suggestions??
  6. I went to Sapporo Kokusai. I liked it but I haven't been to many other resorts so I can't really compare it. The runs are long which means I have to work on building up my muscle strength because I am paying for it now. My leg muscles were burning by the time I finally made it to the bottom. Ouch!!
  7. Thanks to those who replied to my earlier beginner snowboarder post and gave me some good advice. I finally went and had another lesson today. I am happy to say that I had a great time, improved heaps and conquered my fear of snowboarding. I think that the powder in Hokkaido made it easier for me to control my board. Cheers again!!
  8. I was at Sapporo Kokusai today and they were playing a mix of foreign and Japanese music but only down at the base resort area. I didn't notice any music being piped out to the slopes. I have to admit that I kind of liked having the music playing.
  9. Sorry, forgot to mention that the lift ticket is not usually included in the price of the lesson so you will need to purchase one beforehand.
  10. You will be able to use your JR Pass on both the Tokyo and Osaka loop lines. I haven't been to either of the places you're interested in but I had an English snowboard lesson today at Sapporo Kokusai. It cost ¥10000 (2hrs) for up to 3 people. The instructor was Japanese but could speak a bit of English. I agree that hauling around a lot of luggage will be a real pain, especially if you are planning on taking it on packed trians in Osaka and Tokyo.
  11. I just bought my very first board on the weekend and had never thought about giving it a name but after ready this post I'll have to think of one. It might take a while because it will have to be a good one seeing that it's my first board. Thanks for the idea!!
  12. Hi everyone I'm brand new to snowboarding and was hoping that some of you more experienced boarders could give me some quick advice. I have only been twice and have had one lesson. The problem is that I have no confidence and find the whole experience a little terrifying especially, when standing at the top of a steep mountain (I'm a wuss. Hate to admit it). I really want to get over this and was wondering whether it would be better to have more lessons or just get out there and go as much as I can? Any advice? I have recently moved to Sapporo so I now have the chance to go
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