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  1. FT yeah but they will be soon......and I wont be.....booohoooo CB hey man long time. I ended up in Seattle. I will be here for maybe 1 year. Just landed a job which is nice to have some cash flow. Been doing a bit of research for some local areas, not bad, but don't know how the snow is.
  2. I jsut want to say have a good F ing time!!!!!!!!!! I`m jealous as hell....
  3. yeah BC is looking less and less likely, but there is still hope. The 1 prof I wanted to work with is bailing and the other 2 that I've contacted don't seem to interested. So that could make it very difficult for me to get there. But I just have to wait and see.
  4. Sorry SJ#1 that's the Happo south faces looking from 47 thanks for the honors pic of the moment, watchout kuma here I come.....
  5. those are sweet pics dude! you have to send them to my email think I need a better camera. mine isn't fast enough to get your super pow poses
  6. FT sorry I didn't get any stills of you that day, only video....don't think I can post that in here though.
  7. On Sunday 2/25/2007 FT rousted me out of bed with "Common dude let's go enjoy your last day in Hakuba"....still feeling crappy from the funkness I had all the previous week, I downed some coffee and got my crap together. I stepped outside to a perfect crystal sky with 0 wind and infinite visibility. We decided to head to Happo because we got a late start (10am) and could access a variety of lines depending on conditions. We started the hike and within minutes I was feeling really damn good to be out there. I was hiking really strong despite my lingering cold and the crisp clean air felt good
  8. k I noticed the url is different I'm using explorer 7 and when I right click it doesn't give me th option to copy url it gives the url at the top of the page and it's different.....mine doesn't have fubuki in it.....
  9. http://www.snowjapan.com/e/insider/show_photo.php?photoId=6089
  10. well the help page says type url [forward slashe/img] minus the words
  11. k try #4 [/img]http://www.snowjapan.com/e/insider/show_photo.php?photoId=6089[/img]
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