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  1. Sorry, in hindsight not the best choice for a first post... Should have added one of these . I suppose it's relative. Comparing Niseko to somewhere like Hakuba, then yeah of course Hakuba is steeper. But it doesn't make Niseko 'flat plain and simple' just b/c it's not as steep as another area. Just my opinion. Anyway, hope to get a bit of riding in this weekend. Have fun all.
  2. Quote: Too flat to really care Bit of an overly negative post on an otherwise happy thread, don't you think? It's true that some parts of Hanazono are quite flat. But other than that there is heaps of fun terrain to ride in Niseko. Nothing terrifying, but good fun. Oh, first post. Hi everyone! Been riding in Japan for a number of years. Used this site frequently for snow reports and resort info (very useful), but thought I'd take the plunge into the forum. Have a fun season...
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