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  1. Hasn't anybody been out BC yet? Post some pictures so all of us up here in the Canadian Rockies can compare and brag how much snow we have this year for a change.
  2. It has been a few years since I lived in Hokkaido, but the trips up to Asahidake were ALWAYS worth it. It was always epic on the opening 2 or 3days. If the wind patterns are not in your favour you will have to head backside but be prepared with avy gear, a topo, and extra food as rout finding is impossible if it starts to puke. Another gem not too far from Asahidake is Kuro Dake. An old chair takes you 3/4 of the way up(the skiing up to here sucks), then you tour up to the top for some short but sweet turns. The top is steepish but it does flatten out quickly. Also tons of BC touring
  3. I've hiked it a couple of times(5days) spring and summer time. Attempted it in the winter(3days) but bad weather and poor visibility forced me back down , halfway through. Basically it is from Kuro-Dake(Sonkyo) to Shirogane onsen. Great traverse but be sure to go prepared and recomend checking it out in summer first as this terain can be unforgiving in a blizzard. I recomend planning on 6days in winter. Lots of options to bail out in case of bad weather or emergencies. That said, you still feel like you are far away from it all. Splitters, Skinners, Sinners unite!
  4. Stop the whining. You guys should just kiss and make up. Or, head to Daisetsuzan and ride the good stuff. It's like crossing the J-Alps with the gentle/snow laden volcanoes of Niseko. Splitters, Skinners and Sinners unite!
  5. A great place to stay when u r at Asahi-Dake is Shira-kaba-so? It was 3200 or so a couple of years ago. Shared acomodations but super nice place at a good price. Nice small onsen as well. Near Furano, but not in the city and quite far from Furano ski hill, is a great access point to Sandan-Yama and Furano-Dake aswell a bunch more BC terrain. I belive this is the Start/End of "Roof of Hokkaido Traverse". Forgot the name but again accom is about 3600 and has a wicked kick but onsen. About 15 minutes down the road is a great free and natural pool of a hot spring. Caution you may have to
  6. I have talked to the people at NOMAD. Are Based out of Sapporo and they rock(may not service Niseko?). Also another guide who was featured in Outside mag a couple of years ago. He runs out of a little backcountry ski shop in neseko I think(sorry but forgot his and the shops name). If conditions are bad just head north to Kuro Dake or else where. The folks at NOMAD deal with the backcountry all over Hokkaido.
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