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  1. I got the Futureproof DVD a couple of weeks back for a bit of pre-season amp. All the footage filmed in Alaska is off the hook and must be seen to be believed. Nice Niseko section as well. Sweet riders and great soundtrack. Highly recommended for taking freestyle riding to big mountain terrain. If it's steep and challenging stuff you're after I also recommend Hakuba over Niseko. But as Toque and Fattwins say Dec is a bit early. Also, budget accommo may be tight at that time of year. I suggest u get onto it pretty soon.
  2. Charging for parking - Whats up with that? Hows are the groomers? Potential to scare the punters searching for little hits and jib lines?
  3. Right on Sheep and Fattwins. The happy 7 was up until now a bit of a "locals" secret and because of that kept on the downlow. Few people in a resort town including myself can be considered local but, its certain that my friends and I would get more out of that pass than others. Sure its a lottery and you have got every right in the world to enter but the fact remains that people make sacrifices in order to live in the area and/or live the lifestyle. Sacrifices which I believe should be respected. You respect someone, they respect you back. Its the age old argument of localism vs devel
  4. U mean Happo? Had a pass at 47/goryu the last two seasons but there are way too many people in the liftlines as well as the trees now and ski patrol there is wack. Heard the backcountry access at Tsugaike is great but if there aint no pow i wanna have a decent park to play in.
  5. Howzitt. Anyone out there session Tsugaike park last season? If so, what were the features? Was it weak, challeging or somewhere in between? Well maintained? Big lines or snake as you please? Good vibe or too many wannabes? Cheers.
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