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  1. Def take it back to a few mm! One of my mates at work is receding badly on top and a bit in the middle back. He keeps the top center remaining part a bit longer and refers to it as his baby tuft! He doesn't seem to mind, and gives him the excuse to go to the hairdresser here in Japan and relax and enjoy it. (he says he really enjoys going)
  2. So it means you can set a higher iso and then use it with a higher shutter speed to capture action shots a bit better minus the blur. There will be a trade-off in picture quality though. What kind of camera did you get Mantas? Some handle noise better than others.
  3. ISO is simply the level of sensitivity to light. So a higher ISO rating is more sensitive to light. Different materials for film produced this, and they simply set the sensor in the camera to take in more or less depending on the ISO setting. Of course the higher you go the more noise the shot pics up, so high ISOs are good for low light shooting where you can't open up the aperture any further to allow more light in but need more light without slowing the shot down too much, but will give you noisier shots the higher you go. Get it?
  4. Ah yuck! I don't even wanna start thinking about CVs...
  5. Yep, Kyoto for a couple of weeks A few hansei beers with CB YEah packing sucks indeed! We are trying to get most of it done this weekend. You're off then eh! Beat me back to the surf by a month or so ya bugger!
  6. Out of Hiroshima at the end of the month and then out of Japan on 18th of April
  7. cool, then I need to sort it out before going if I'm gonna get any
  8. Nice. You gonna be back in Kyoto at all? I'll be there for a couple of weeks from the 4th.
  9. I need to go see the doctor here and see what I can get easily here.
  10. well unless I read their info wrong Indo, that new one Malarone only needs a few days before and a week after.
  11. Nice CB. Meeting done! Just a few bits and pieces to do at school now
  12. You done already Thursday? That was quick! Well I have just finished my last 大掃除! Woohooooo! One more staff meeting today and one more Year group meeting on Friday and I'm done!
  13. cheers Spook. Nah not too late, and in fact I had forgotten about this, so thanks! They are damn expensive here in Japan too, but I have no idea whether I can get them cheap in Malaysia quickly or not. We don't have much time to look before heading out into the jungle there. Our trip is only very short, so the price isn't really a hassle, and I'm not sure whether we need it for only a few days up there. But I figure better safe than sorry right?
  14. ah hang on. I think that would be a no, but if you don't have a re-entry permit when you leave Japan, then they cancel your visa. As long as you don't leave Japan then it remains valid.
  15. Hey Indo, so it was no issue that you weren't coming back into JApan?
  16. Originally Posted By: Indo I think it's important that kids work for their money. I started when I was 10 doing the local paper round, the butcher shop, then progressing to Pizza. My parents didn't let me go without, but if I wanted something outside of the essentials then I had to fo it myself! My first Scott bars took me about 15 weeks to save for Pretty standard really... I took almost the exact same path indo! Paper run, milk truck, pizza shop, then Myers through uni. Parents gave me what I needed, and I bought what I wanted
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