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  1. I had a pretty good surf last Monday, in spite of it being a public holiday Got some nice pits
  2. Originally Posted By: orinoco A school I used to work at had pretty much the same - there were a few kids who spent pretty much all day in the nurses room just messing about. And she didn't seem to mind or encourage them to go back to class, it was bizarre. What is the general policy on that? The general policy is that it is the hr teacher's responsibility to try and sort out. Don't laugh. That is the general attitude. Another factor for them allowing kids to get away with this is the idea of every kid's right to an education. That includes/means not refusing them if they want to c
  3. Originally Posted By: Mamabear OMG Sounds like she is suffering severe clinical depression and needs medication and a professional in that area to guide her back to reality! Our school (not in Japan and not public) would probably refuse to take the child back until she has a letter from a Mental Health Professional stating that she is fit to return to school. Mamabear, we had 2 different kids just in my homeroom, last year alone, that did this very same thing. They come to school, then spend the day in the nurses room being coddled. That was just my homeroom. There are usua
  4. back to working now mate... I have been forced out of semi-retirement by a rolling-pin bearing bpg (nah not really, but I am working now.)
  5. 2-3 hours a day dealing with it?!? How long did it take you to type this post mate?! Stop your whining! Mate, I reckon there is not much more you can do. The shitty thing about the Japanese system in the schools, is that the hr teacher basically gets shafted in these cases. The school will give you their support, but they really have very few ways of dealing with these kinds of students and their families effectively. I saw it time and again in my school. The poor hr teacher would spend so much time trying to play counselor, but where the f##k is the training for that? It's hard to do, b
  6. Just have a few long sleep-in mate. Like don't get up before 10am for... hmmm... about 6 months
  7. No! That's Margaret River main break. they have the Masters there every year (one of the comps on the world pro circuit)
  8. nah, didn't know that one. Cheers mate. Enjoy the wedding
  9. How was the surf this morning Spook? I didn't get my translation finished early enough to bother going out. We're in Padbury Spook.
  10. Cheers Mamabear. Will check it out sometime
  11. Denmark was bloody awesome mate! As always! BPG is doing fine here. She loves the place and is enjoying the lifestyle. I've even got her yelling "Carn Eagles!" And "Carn Aussie!" in the Olympics! The only cons so far is the food. Not the lack of good food here, but the lack of genuine Japanese food. Just as well BPG is a good cook. She can make do fairly well with substitute ingredients
  12. Second honeymoon (Aus version), I really don't know how it happened that I didn't end up taking it. Believe me, BPG wouldn't have cared, and I was kicking myself for it once we were down there... But we also had a week down at Denmark and schmidt was that cold! You goin to Scabs tomorrow? I might be heading that way myself. Will see. Gotta finish a translation first. Really enjoyin being here mate. CB, :thefinger:
  13. try B&H photo. They are an online shop. Very reliable place and good prices. Google it.
  14. Bloody hell! I wasn't even in WA then...
  15. cheers. So it's not that different to the d300? I haven't actually heard much about it.
  16. flat here too with a howling offshore making it even worse...
  17. Apology not really necessary Soub, but good on ya for offering one. As I said, that kind of language shouldn't be tolerated but does need to be put in context of how it is used (as Mantas pointed out) And to me it's not getting defensive when you are just taking the fight back to someone who has a go at you. It's just responding and fighting back when one is started. Is that getting precious? If so, then Mate, I'm sure we could all offer examples of idiots saying things in every country, so why not have a go at Mike Myers and his stereotyped piss-take off the Brits? You know, bad teeth and al
  18. Yeah the other side is good too, but can get much hairier. Had some very good surfs there too. I've had whales surfacing less than 100m away at both those spots. A couple from the other side
  19. Bang on Mantas No worries CB. Speak to ya soon mate.
  20. Didn't take my farkin board!!! Wasn't that kind of trip. That point break is my fav spot down south mate. And ther were a few guys out, but that was a bit of a clean-up set that came through and caught them by surprise. Remember that photo I had on my wall in my apartment in a frame? Same spot. Here are a few more from there.
  21. soub, get over your sour grapes with Aus mate. I know the place isn't perfect, but it's not as bad your memories make it. I'll admit that headline is racist, but that is not a typical way of doing things here. And I'll state again that you would NOT see headlines about niiggers or other such. Keep it in perspective of the sporting rivalry between our two countries and take it with a pinch of salt mate.
  22. Nah, not weird at all after all the crap we have given them over the years!
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