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  1. Nov.13 Tanigawa Tenjindaira web page Nov. 13 Sapporo Kokusai < Hokkaido> web page Nov. 20 Shiratori Kogen < Gifu> web page Nov. 20 Niseko Hirafu < Hokkaido> web page Nov. 20 Sun Alphina Kashimayari web page Nov. 20 Furano < Hokkaido> web page Nov. 20 Kita Shiga Ryuoo < Nagano> web page Nov. 20 Tashiro-Kagura-Mitsumata Ski Resort web page Nov. 20 Yokoteyama < Nagano> web page Nov. 20 Naeba < Niigata> web page Nov. 27 Niseko Higashiyama &
  2. I'm planning a ski trip to Niseko,Hokkaido in late Nov for 5 days.There is couple mountains, higashiyama, Annupuri,hirafu.. which one will you guys recommend? how about Furano, Sahoro and Kiroro?
  3. Hihi, anyone ride on snowblade before? how do they work? fun? wanna try something new this year, i dont want to snowboard again... injured last year from it> and any recommendation for ski?checked salomon.co.jp and found 2pairs that i like there, 10T Pilot race and streetracer 8w. I'm an intermediate skiier and 165cm/50kg.. bought the ski guide of japan.. have more than 300 pages to go through.. eep Thanks all in advance.
  4. Hello all, i would like to know if any mountain will open for the season in late oct/nov? i have only less than 10 weekends here before i fly back to vancouver. =)
  5. I am by Nagoya too, 30min away and also my first season here
  6. Konnichiwa This is my first post here. so... yoroshiku I have read the posts for past 10 days and still have so much to catch up to do. It may be annoying to ask you all again but if anyone dont mind, please introduce some ski places for me so i could have something to do over the weekend. I am now at a school near Toyohashi <30min from Nagoya>. And anyone have good recommendation on ski/binding 04/05 new models or the 03/04 ones? I was in Ochanomizu yesterday, and many shops have put the 03/04 stuffs out for sale, most of them are >50% off.
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