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  1. Hey thanks! Good to hear. I'll post before I plan to go. Let's going!
  2. Hey deebee, trains are easy - about 70 minutes and I'm in Yuzawa from Ueno. BUT, it's just not as convenient, fun - and more expensive.
  3. I noticed that too. But Star Trek is exploration, ain't it, not military.
  4. I don't know that place either. 006 - the character Sean Bean plays in Goldeneye (007 movie, Brosnans first one).
  5. Not going yet - no snow yet! - but I live near Ueno and usually have the hassle to get up to Yuzawa by train. Anyone nearby who has a space in the car for a sexy boarding dudette like me? Yuzawa is my choice coz it's so easy for me where I live, but I'd love to find some car sharing dudes (or dudettes). Willing to chip in for costs of course!
  6. Yeah come on Yuzawa, it's my fave haunt - we need snow. You can't lose out to them Naggers excuses!
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