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  1. 2 lifts at Yokoteyama resort in Shiga Kogen, Nagano have started operation today... http://www.snowjapan.com/e/daily/shownow.php?town=Shiga%20Now%21
  2. Thanks for posting that deebee - good to hear the place was good and you saw snow!
  3. Currently when you post a journal in the Insider section for your members page and you do not choose a resort for your journal entry, it shows as a link to an empty resort listing page on your page/listings. We will be working to adjust this so that the unnecessary link does not appear, and hope that we can get this done over the next few days. Any further issues that you find please send us a mail to insider@snowjapan.com. Thanks!
  4. enderzero We're hoping that the Japanese people who already use this site will continue to do so - and more Japanese will find out about Snow Japan E through the new J site. We will be doing as much as possible to create crossover from one to the other, which hopefully will enhance the experience all round...
  5. From early next week, the vast majority of resorts will have that info updated at least 3 times daily - showing weather conditions and forecast for the coming week, and snow depth info at each resort. We are currently testing and getting it all together, and will post more on the details when it starts. Thanks
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