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  1. As for the last comment. It was not in the least bit provocative. It is just assumed here by some it seems that I merrily ski on the groomed runs with no interest in anything outside - which may or may not be the case. That is not relevant here. What is relevant here is that I do abide by any rules laid down by a particular resort. And did you not know that some resorts do offer chances for their guests to ride outside of groomed runs, Ocean11? Quote: Deja Moo: The feeling that you've seen this before. You seem to be getting worked up Ocean11 - again. And throwing around s
  2. Quote: SKI, I only break laws if the following rules apply: So in effect you are creating your own rules for yourself to decide whether you will abide by other peoples rules? Quote: I have worked illegally in foreign countries (not this one). I have snuck into countries illegally. I have camped illegally on private property. I have ducked ropes and jumped fences. I have bribed officials (Colombia can be tough sometimes). This does not make a bad person, just different, just making the most of opportunity. I know where to draw the line, and I am comfortable with myself. Well, looking at s
  3. badmigraine Thanks for that link there, looks like I have found what I was looking for.
  4. Sounds good! I wish I had a Starbucks within easy reach of my office...
  5. Quote: Ski you make me angry cause in your own way all you do is insult people. You do it even more than Ocean does. So I give up you win. You are the one who starts the name calling I get too caught up and cant control myself. I apologise if you feel you have been insulted, I am not intending to insult and do not believe that I have. I am simply trying to put a differing point of view across. In my previous mail I said "it seems to be to be rather naive" - emphasis on seems, from my point of view, that is how I feel. As for "winning"....I do not see this as a winning or losing situatio
  6. So you have a better memory than me? Oh I see, you know that do you? Seems a little presumptious to me. But anyway, that is petty. So, onto your main point here. Monitor, research - whatever you want to call it.... Yes, absolutely, I do think that. It seems to be to be rather naive to think that companies do not do this.
  7. Quote: Then lets hear that from people that they are monitoring both japanese sites and gaijin ones. I think we all know the mind they are not and if they are stand up and say so. As I mentioned in another part, surely any company is going to be reading things about themselves ("monitoring") and their competiton on a variety of different sources - websites, forums, magazines, etc. Any company takes part in research on their image and the image of their competitors. Surely you cannot expect them to join in every discussion that involves them - that is frankly ludicrous.
  8. Fattwins, I don't believe you are stupid. But you enjoy your "fighting" and I will enjoy my life not fighting. I am able to have an excellent lifestyle here in Japan without feeling as if there is any need whatsoever to fight over anything.
  9. Quote: Yogurt loves rules, apparently. No, I didn't say that. I said that I do my best to respect and abide by them. Quote: Yogurt, you've convinced me. I'm going to stop breaking rules, and maybe it will help me to calm down more. From now on, I'll be able to enjoy the groomers knowing that riding in deep snow is, well, against the rules. It really is that simple, and I hadn't seen it! I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your calm analysis and constant good humour has been a real tonic. Thanks. Do what you want, mate..... Quote: SKI - You are getting out of
  10. Truly hilarious, Ocean11, as always. It seems that you will just have to put up with my "truly puerile comments and psycoanalysis", as you put it. Also, I am glad to see that, apart from your last comment, you do seem to have calmed down a bit now since this morning - which can only be a good thing.
  11. OK. What about this part then? --------------------- Quote: I guess it is more a reflection of my lack of self control. I know I shouldn`t be doing it, but bugger it, when there`s powder to be had, most of my self control goes out the window. Well there you go. It seems that if you want to do it, then you will. To hell with the rules. Does this way of thinking apply to all rules/laws? Or just this one? Or just ones you disagree with/don't like? ---------------------
  12. Congratulations on your point exactly. If there is absolutely no way to know, and it is also not common sense, then that is of course a different issue. How are you to know? But, if you do know the rules (and/or the law), and have been made aware of them, etc, then just repeating the behaviour because you want to find the powder is selfish and something that I would object to.
  13. Quote: However, when it comes to riding powder, if I deem it to be safe (big emphasis on this bit), I am often naughty and break these rules. And this is where the problem arises. And the possibility that people doing this will cause trouble, especially if they are repeat offenders. Quote: I guess it is more a reflection of my lack of self control. I know I shouldn`t be doing it, but bugger it, when there`s powder to be had, most of my self control goes out the window. Well there you go. It seems that if you want to do it, then you will. To hell with the rules. Does this way of th
  14. Quote: It isn`t isn`t about lazy or "too cool", its about most fun for your buck. Nothing more, nothing less! Fun doing something that you should not be doing. And going back to repeat the action even though you know it is supposed to not be allowed. Hmmm. ----------------- Well, hem now, I do my very best to abide by rules and laws. It's just the way I am I suppose. I certainly don't try to break rules that I know exist. And if I get reminded of a rule/law that I might be breaking by the person who made/controls the rule/law, then I would certianly refrain from repeating. I woul
  15. Quote: We fight for rights in this country everyday Klingon would be proud. I certainly do not feel I am constantly fighting for my rights in this country. Perhaps it is this attitude that is a source of some problems. Davo, I won't do the quotes for you there, OK!
  16. Quote: I dont want people doing baist maybe racial profiling, which seems to be the case here. I am sure the resort is not taking up massive resources doing "racial profiling". The thought of it itself if ludicrous. Quote: I will take back my comment as it was petty. Yes, I thought so too. Thank you. Quote: Please stop quoting so much Don't like being quoted then . But it is the most effective way to continue the discussion before it gets blown all over the place. Sorry if you don't like it, but unless you are not happy with your words in the first place...
  17. If she was the English-competent member of staff - as was mentioned before - then is she not the obvious choice of person to "monitor" the English site (if in fact this "monitoring" happened at all)? I would have thought that as a resort, they have people checking out ALL of the many Japanese sites to see what people are saying and thinking. Any staff can do that. If someone is going to "monitor" the foreign market, then it will be someone who is at least a bit competent in the language. Surely? Whilst I am not saying that there is not even slight racist feelings going on in Japan
  18. Quote: I think it is a cowardly act as much as I think that you cant ski. I think it is not in the least bit cowardly, not at all. In fact I think that they are commended to not be dragged into such a situation. As I said above, I am sure that if a respectable dialogue was opened with the people involved, they would talk. I must admit I chuckled on reading your above comment though
  19. Quote: Dude why do you have to quote people so much when you post? Why? Simple. So that we can all be as clear as possible. Quote: Write a little more creatively please. What? Why? What's that got to do with anything? I'm not a writer, I will leave that for the novelists and journalists. I am just trying to discuss this matter in a way that is as clear as possible. Quote: What I mean is that if you don't post you don't get your point across. So you actually are not trying to venture an opinion at all. Anyway this debate is getting kind of stale so I'll summarize. There
  20. I don't know who came up with "consipracy" either. But thats another matter. As for this... Quote: I will ski what I know is safe and plan my back country trips with caution. Just to be clear here - by this do you mean that YOU will decide whether you break the rules (at a resort) or not and if you decide to break them, then you will go ahead and do so? Thanks!
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