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  1. Heyzuss H Christ! funny post Ocean! I've got friends who both ski and board. It doesn't matter to me. I do both (but ski a lot more). I think all you said is tongue in cheek so pretty cool. I bet if any of us on this board met up, it woulnd't matter. It's all about having fun! You do seem to be a bit sarcastic. Is this the reason you were called out? Just curious.
  2. sorry Ocean. My bad. (funny thing is, I totally know what you're talking about!) Just have fun with whatever you do. Boots are by far the most important thing to have - boarding or skiing. All my biggest advances were made after new boot purchases. When you have a size 13 though, a bit tough to find them here in Japan. Good Winter to you! I can't wait!
  3. deebee - just tried to email you and it didn't take. send me an email at atwoodn@hotmail.com. It's great to see another surfer on here! I like to think I'm well-rounded - surf in the spring and summer and ski in the fall and winter! would love to hear from you!
  4. In my opinion, best band in the world is 311. Yep, choke it up - laugh. So much energy and positivity in their music. 311 is the only 'big name' band I listen to. I usually listen to some pretty obscure stuff. peace!
  5. Actually have it on tape. We can go backwards. not tough. This is even w/o the double tip skis. I'll send you the tape if you want. I won't say it's 'fun' though. I'd rather see what I was doing. We just did it for fun. (How fast can you ski backwards?) danz - we gotta hook up and ski together!
  6. c'mon cheesboy! sorry, cheeseman. Sharp cheddar straight from Tilamook? The white anglo from Umpqua? Do you know about squeeky cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese? Curds that is. Sustained and plugged me for an entire week.
  7. Had some great Feta on my pizza in Towada yesterday. Hey cheeseboy, what is you favorite US cheese? (company, not type). I'm from OR if that helps. We know a thing or two aboot cheese. (stuff stinks though - damn cows!)
  8. I'm actually pretty damn good. According to my friends at least. Oceans, I think control defines the sliding. If you have it, good on you. If not, well then, oppoosite of above. I take a lot of people out who 'suck'. We just have fun. Don't worry about it. I get enough days in each year to make me happy. Taking friends out is a great time. Have fun with it!
  9. Can you clarify Oceans? not sure what Kamoshika is/are. Have you ever heard a japanese guy say haole? I laugh everytime. I think that's why they let me surf with them. Dig?
  10. The MJ is illegal here but fun guy and peyote are fine? Danz is correct though - here in N Japan the stuff sprouts like a weed (wait...oh nevermind)
  11. yay! I'm registered now! My site is totally geared for Northern Japan. (hence NJ as my moniker). It doesn't seem like too many people on here are from up north. So, you're from Oz? My friends back in Oregon are so jealous. Yeah, no waves in japan. the snow sucks. Hehe! This place is great! How do your friends perceive things here?
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