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  1. Just read one of the threads about the Olympics and the way that the coverage is 99% "our boys and girls" (ie. the Japanese team). That overwhelmingly bias coverage of any sporting event gets on my nerves real bad. It just comes across as so ugly. And stupid.
  2. Wow - that looks cool. Still deciding on where to go, but this is real tempting.
  3. Reading over some of the Reader reviews on here about Zao and it seems generally positive, but there are some definite negative vibes out there about the place too. Anyone care to enlighten on if the + outweigh the - ?? Cheerz
  4. Hey people. Been away for a month but back now. How's it all going? I have a week to spare at the beginning of March and am still wondering where to go? Tempted to hit Zao for the first time, but there aren't too many places up there for a week and I don't want to spend all the time in one place. Currently debating whether to go to Hakuba or Yuzawa. I know a few Japanese people in Yuzawa and so that might tip the scales. Where would YOU go?
  5. Got to say I'm also rather impressed with the giveaways this year. Must cost a fortune.
  6. I personally hate moguls and I'm a skier/fun-skier. All they do is "do your knees in". That's it. And make people look like ponces coming down the hill.
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