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  1. Went to White Pia last weekend. It was a little icy in the morning and slushy in the afternoon. Spring like conditions.
  2. Saw a guy shaving with his electric razor in the lift line this weekend. Just about fell over laughing. He must have had a hot date after that run. Anybody else have a funny or wierd lift line stories?
  3. Just wanted to give "heads up" to anyone who might be going to Dynaland that you need to lock your stuff! My assistant's snowboard got ripped-off during lunch today. We did not lock our boards so we are partly to blame. The management told us that 2 other boards were also stolen today during the early afternoon.
  4. Migraine, I say go for the board! You can never have too many. As others have stated in this thread... You deserve it. Enjoy your life dude!!
  5. lin, Went to Ontake (Nagano area) today. Snow conditions were hard. Seems like snow melted duing the week and re-froze. Not much grip on a snowboard.
  6. Badmigraine, I have not tried the Flow bindings, however, used have something similar made by Winterstick in Utah about 14 years ago. Worked great in powder but a little sketchy on hardpack. Been riding hard boots and plate bindings for about 15 years (last 10 years solid). Picked up a set of K2 Sidewinder boots (1 step below Aggressor boots you mentioned) this fall. Tried them once in Gifu area and put them on the shelf until I can get them dialed in - the upper liner is really stiff and they kicked the crap out of my shins and calves. The K2 Clicker bindings were also a bit of a c
  7. Moved to Nagoya area from California about 3 months ago for 3-year stay. Must say this site is great and has many useful resources. I have found surfing and snowboarding in Japan to be much better than I expected.
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