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  1. It's only my first season as a boarder....only 12 days to go until I go to Happo-o-one...no more 60cm of snow for me!!
  2. What's the easiest way to get rust off the edges of meh board.....took it out of the bag when I got back from hols, and some water had leaked into it
  3. Can you get the Ring* TV Series on DVD in Japan? Scares me s**tless everytime *Japanese Cult Horror thingie
  4. I've just spent 9 days in Switzerland (not Japan then.....sorry), doing the learning thing with my new Snowboard (Bullet 164). What can I say!, I've skiied for 18 years and after 5 days of lessons, boarding through powder, picking up some decent speed, damaging every part of my body.....it's all good. So far I've done passive and active turns, the quick turns from backside to frontside continously when you're on the flats, and the ollie. I've also learn't something called the Wasser which involves you making a turn and effectively holding the turn until you end up where you started....really g
  5. London, UK innit. I love how people think you're weird going to Japan for a holiday, let alone going boarding
  6. 0 Times in Japan, but hopefully I'll be immigrating in the the next couple of years if the right job comes through. It's got to be cheaper than flying to switzerland from the UK for a week Looking forward to March 7 days of boarding...
  7. I've heard nothing but good things about snowbeds but I can't find an Email address for them - any ideas :0 Do you get bed linen and towel etc, or do you have to bring your own?
  8. Thanks to both of you, I looked back in the forum, SnowBeds in Hakuba-o-one looks like a decent place, and is cheap to boot!. I'll check out Yudanaka now, thanks Mobi. What are the slopes like in March? I'm going to St.Moritz in mid Feb for 8 days, but apparently the season is terrible there.
  9. I'm snowboarding in March in Japan hopefully, any recommendations on which resorts are the best? The nearer to Tokyo the better. Does anyone know any good package deal operators for snowboarding trips, or is it best to go it alone? Cheers!!
  10. Couple of questions: I'm hopefully going to have a week of Snowboarding in Japan in march, are there any websites that do group parties etc.. I'm getting my first board, fed up of renting, going for a Burton - any personal recommendations on which model?
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