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  1. The states may get lots of dry powder aswell, but the airflight from Australia is a killer. I went to Canada - Whistler, Big White and Grouse Mt in `98/`99. Sure there was good powder there but compared to Australia almost anywhere north of there is better. Australian powder turns to slush within hours of hitting the ground. The Canada snow was good sometimes, not always. Too much temperature variation during a 24hr period can turn powpow into slush too quickly and I don`t need to travel half way round the globe to find that. When I first went to Japan in `00, it was uncompareable to anywher
  2. This is a good satellite snow forecaster http://maps.weather.com/images/sat/japan_sat_720x486.jpg The other one I look at is http://www.snow-forecast.com/images/japanaccumulated.gif Or just look out the window, that is often the best. That is the bloody links work. [This message has been edited by rob roy (edited 17 December 2001).]
  3. I found a topograghic map of Hokkaido and I`d say the three dots on the forecast snow page are cities of Asahikawa then Sapporo and then Kutchan. What do you guys reckon?
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