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  1. been reading the mails and i was wondering if any one knew of a major big sale coming up in the aichi region? i know about himaraya and that is about it.
  2. i life in mieken. i am interested in joining with other boarders and doing week end get away. i have a van and can get anywhere. i'll be in japan during the xmas hole.
  3. been there twice and it was crowded. seem to be enough room for the whole lot of us and decent snow. also great cafeteria and snowboard park. excellent from january to feb.... probably cos more snow!!
  4. thanks miteyak. do you know of anywhere else? like toyama or in niigata? and what do you call them in japanese? thanks so much.
  5. hey wise one blinkin, i know about dry rooms, the thing i don't know about is where they are in gifu and some of the hotel staff can be quite rude, so i was looking for somewhere with a little more hospitality. have you heard do you know about the 2000yen a night sleep only deal.... just rumour so if you know about it let me know.
  6. new member with query - will be driving around toyama and arai region from 25 to 30. will be sleeping in car at bottom of slopes. can anyone recommend places where i can dry the equipment once in a while. thanks
  7. i am not an excellent snowboarder, but i love powder and am interested in learning about documentary making. so if i could tag along and be of any help it would be great.
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