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  1. 1. Aomori 2. Iwate 3. Hokkido the only reason i put hokkido last is because i hardly ever get to go there
  2. hey mr bob. i hear that you are down in iwate? is that right? if so i need some help trying to get the local scene down there fit just for me. i am up near hachinohe. lookig for someone to show me around down there during the weekends. let me know. cell phone: 090-6680-8759
  3. pure techno. something fats, even some hard f^c$ing rock. just to get me pumped up for the immoprtal air up here in tohoku.
  4. went to hakkouda up here in tohoku this weekend. talk about a good time. went all of the way up the gondola and it was deep. went off the trail accidentaly and ended up in powder that came all of the way up to my chest. trees are finally startying to get buried.
  5. well 12 inches here in misawa in 2 days is allright. but there has got to be at least 5 feet or more up in hokkouda. we are supposed to get another 4 to 8 inches between to night and tomorrow morning. finally it has finally started here, a little late, but better late than never. how about down in nagano?
  6. where does everyone or anyone think the best place up here in northern japan is to go? i could sure use some help, although i have been here for a while and snowboarded even longer, i just wanna hear what people have to say. thanks scatman
  7. hokkouda, by far. it offers some extreme runs, and if you think about it the price isent that bad.
  8. is it worth going there this weekend. i heard from some of my friends that it is open all of the way to the top. they said the snow is supposed to be pretty good (for this early in the season). but like i said, is it worth it?
  9. trying to find out the exact opening date for hakkouda. if someone knows would you please let me know. ------------------ Zak
  10. looking to possibly start a regular weekend group for people up in misawa. i know outdoor rec has their trips, but what if you wanna go somewhere else? also trying to find out the exact opening date for hakkouda. you have my email. ------------------ Zak
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