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  1. Does anyone know of a good CD full of Okinawan folk music? I don't know why but I really liked it when I heard some from a movie recently.
  2. Is anybody planning to go to Nozzle in late Feb? I'm going for 5 days mid-week. Just not sure which week yet but my schedule is flexable. Details: 1 aussie, average skier, enthusiastic drinker. I know it doesn't sound good but..........
  3. Mine was drinking the dipping stock for tempura thinking it was a soup. It's pretty bloody good, you should try it!
  4. Satoru, I lived in Japan for a year so my experience is limited but I could not live there full-time. Too busy and not enough green for me. I much prefer living in Bribane, Australia and surf on the Gold Coast and go to Japan to ski. In short ; nice place to visit but couldn't live there. STU8
  5. Coopers sparkling ale. Kirin draught. CHEERS EVERYONE!!
  6. Sunny Brisbane, Australia Yearly skier and beer drinker in Japan.
  7. My wife and I are travelling to Nozawa in mid-Feb. We are having trouble finding info on Ryokan or Hotel accomm. Can anyone recommend places they have stayed that are convenient to the lifts,fairly small and serve good food. (BYO Vegemite) Language is no problem as my wife is Japanese. Cheers Stu8
  8. Hi there. My wife and I are coming to Japan and would like some recomendations of the best resorts / places to stay. We're looking at Nagano-ken ( did Niseko last year (-:? Nice ryokan would suit us. Intermediate level skiers. Any advice would be appreicated. Cheers Stu8
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