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  1. qf: Cross-country - what IS the appeal?? It's a different attitude to getting about. It's not just about going down mountains. I enjoy lift-resorts a lot, but sometimes it seems like it's all handed to you on a plate - designated groomed runs and chairs to shorten the "boring" (read:uphill) bit. It feels good to earn your turns sometimes. But don't you all come out there - wouldn't want it to get all crowded like a resort.
  2. In Oz, as far as lifted resorts goes, there's really 5 majors and 4 minors and 2 almost inconsequantials in Tasmania. Plus a couple of nordic resorts. www.ski.com.au is the go. try the Q&A forum on forum.ski.com.au is you want more info.
  3. Can't give any first-hand advice, but have a look through the SJG cross country resorts page . Good luck if you need lessons in English! I've just posted something about the Snowharp on this thread .
  4. Quote: Originally posted by Eggelb: Is the Hakuba olympic place the best? Presume you're talking about the Snowharp. It's pretty good, but not very extensive - only 2 courses; a 2.5km and a 5km and some miscellaneous loops. But it is the Olympic venue, and it's only Y200/day!! And there's no public transport - about 30min(?) walk from MinamiKamishiro station. :frustrated: So much snow, so few trails! And for all of you who don't "get" nordic - that's fine by me; less traffic on the trails. [This message has been edited by Panda (edited 31 March 2002).]
  5. Any replies from other chookies (i.e. cc'ers) are most welcome. My reply above was the most succict way I could express it, but I'd love to hear others' reasons.
  6. "Fishing" is rather like trolling. The sarcasm of my first reply was because the appeal seems rather self-evident, at least to me Okay, so it was a straight question so I'll give a straight answer. I think the shortest way to sum it up is that I get satisfaction from being self-propelled. And it's true that your adjectives don't neccessarily apply to cc. But remember that cc encompasses many different activities - nordic touring can be pleasantly energetic, tele-touring (yoyo-ing) is both bl00dy hard work and exhilirating, and nordic racing is very athletic _and_ very fast.
  7. You fishing, gorilla? I can't understand what the appeal of alpine skiing/boarding is. Seems like too much expense for not enough freedom. Any alpiners out there care to let us know what makes it cool?
  8. (to the top) A bit more info, might just elicit a response: How common is telemark hire equipment? Of particular use would be stores in Kansai or Hokkaido.
  9. "Powder cords"? Sounds like a fancy name (and corresponding pricetag) for "ski leashes". And yes I do always use them, but then again most telemarkers do.
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