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  1. If you ever have the misfortune to be in Ise then check out this microbrewery. Pick of the crop was the Brown Ale and the IPA was pretty decent too. Ended up spending two nights in there predominantly on the Brown Ale. Apparently we had food too but couldn't tell you anything about that. Their website isn't working for me so this a third party one. http://www.miejets.org/gb/index.php?title=Ise_Kadoya_Brewery On a side note, is the Kumazawa brewery near Chigasaki worth a visit? It's only a 35 min walk from here but in the pissing rain not sure I can be arsed... Website says they do German
  2. Xmas flights to Japan booked 20 Dec to Jan 8th so hopefully a week before New Year and maybe a couple of days after New Year if not bankrupt before. Will be there May/Jun too flying back in time for opening of season here. Gonna be an expensive year... Now back to the mundane that is life in the meantime..
  3. Nozawa is really nice for both skiing and enjoying the town. Very nice feel about the place. Pleasantly touristy with lots of hot spring hotels. Might also think about the resorts around Mt. Myoko which are pretty close by. Yup Nozawa Onsen is heavily marketed here as being the quieter more traditional alternative to Hakuba. Certainly interested if there is snow on the ground, and Myoko another option. Maybe should buy some snow tyres for the old banger as needs new wheels anyway and defy all advice and drive up that way if snow looks good. what could possibly go wrong...
  4. Will avoid Niseko, the wife would prefer somewhere a little less Australian and a little more Kegani. After all if we want a resort full of pissed Aussies we have Queenstown for 10% of the Japan fare. Thinking splitting the week between Rusutsu and Furano, Perhaps Rusutsu first followed by Furano as wifey will be ski'd out after 3 days and in need of coffee shops. As I understand it Rusutsu dosn't have much of a town other than the hotels. Is this right? Presume booking accom in these two places can be done at fairly short notice? That way if snow is thick on the Honshu ground we can do some
  5. So what is the fastest you have shot an ETC gate at and not uttered an audible scream? Anything over 60 and I start pooping it.
  6. Thanks all, Train or Plane then, will leave the car growing more cobwebs. Will start investigating these options. Initial view is that cost of Shink vs Flight isn't massive, although the cost of the bus from Chitose to Niseko skews heavily in favour of Honshu. For ease and cost from Chigasaki, Hakuba via Hachioji and Matsumoto seems best option, Only an hour longer than Shink/bus via Tokyo and Nagano. Last time I went to Matsumoto by rail someone threw themselves under the train. We were sat there bloody hours. Deep down I guess I was hoping for something a little less obvious and more inti
  7. Hi All, you will notice first time poster. Anyhow I am after advice regarding a hatching plan. For years my wife has been badgering me for a New Year trip to Japan. Considering as her parents home is made of cardboard and has a stiff breeze blowing through it I have always responded unfavourably. We have been in March before and the house was f'ing freezing so why would I fly out of a perfectly decent summer to spend 3 weeks freezing my butt off in a house unsuitable for sane habitation. Anyhow this dosn't seem to wash anymore so I have had to compromise and do a deal, "Okay but I get to
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