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  1. Keio Plaza? I believe its considered a mid-high range hotel. Ive stayed there twice now and loved it (in the business district??) and 5min walk to train station. http://www.keioplaza.com/
  2. Hello Its Bill Murray. I liked you in Groundhog Day and a bit in Lost in Translation. But I thought that Broken Flowers was a bit rubbish. Perhaps a bit more variation in performances is called for? You'll love me in my new upcoming role in 'The Monuments Men' & my brief appearance in 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'.
  3. Hi all, A group of 6 of us are heading to Japan from the 17th - 3rd. We hit up Hakuba for the first 7days then spend the remainder in Tokyo. We have the 5day flexi JR East rail pass and seeing as we'll only be using 2 days of it, is there anywhere on the same line worth a day visit when we're in Tokyo? What areas would you recommend to visit if we were to make use of the pass?
  4. Here's a comparison as of snow for the 30th of Jan compared to the season in 2013 in Hakuba. ---------------------- Goryu Top: 325cm (2013) | 275cm (2014) Bottom: 140cm (2013) | 140cm (2014) Happo Top: 240cm (2013) | 230cm (2014) Bottom: 140cm (2013) | 90cm (2014) Cortina Top: 330cm (2013) | 309cm (2014) Bottom: 205cm (2013) | 165cm (2014)
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