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  1. Exactly right about the shiki mamabear. This is my first trip to japan and I have taken plenty (well maybe not plenty but enough) of AUD over here. My thinking was to change money in japan mistakenly thinking they would give me a better rate. I held off at all airports thinking just wait one more! Got to new chitose airport and the exchange was 77 yen per dollar- what a rip! Perth airport was offering 88 yen! I think Tokyo was 88 also. I tried to get money at an atm at new chitose but domestic atms don't accept MasterCard. The japan post green atm stated no MasterCard after April 2013 nearly a
  2. Yeah the more spartan Japanese style accommodation is fine. So quite easy to hit most resorts from sapporo.... maybe thats the best bet. Would I be really be testing it going early december? I have looked at prev snow reports and they seem to be pretty good past few years...
  3. Hi guys Im looking for some good, experienced advice for a first trip to japan. I want to go to Japan, I want to snowboard, but where should i go? I lived in NZ last year and started snowboarding and loved it. But I have never boarded through trees or experienced deep powder and the stories of japan.... I have been living in the west australian "winter" for the whole of '13 and Im keen to do anything and everything in Japan. But so much choice and absolute no local knowledge leaves me in need of some good advice on where to go? (Im thinking late december early january). I have some gear bu
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