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  1. Because asking on the internet is easier than making an international phone call..
  2. A somewhat related question: I'll be in Niseko this upcoming winter for the season, I've already found a job there and they also provide staff housing, but I'm hoping to look for my own place outside of Hirafu. I was wondering how hard it would be to find something like a 2LK and how much I can expect to pay. I have advanced Japanese so communication won't be an issue, but are there a lot of choices for foreigners staying only for 4~5 months?
  3. Here's a few (color for now), but I don't know if the image quality is good enough to make a wallpaper with.. I'd be happy to send you the originals though if you wanna give a shot.
  4. I had some great powder days mid to late March in Kiroro last winter, but I don't know if you'd want to do more than a couple nights there. You really only have the option of staying at the hotel/eating hotel food. Can't go wrong with Niseko, the crowd situation is going to be a lot better and the snow should still be going strong, it just makes the most sense probably.
  5. Yeah 20k a month. This was about 40 mins away from Kutchan to the north (subsidized housing). 60-70k a month for 2bdrm doesn't sound too bad.
  6. Out of curiosity, what's the average rent in Kutchan proper? (for one bedroom and 2 bedroom) I'm planning on doing a winter out there but would prefer living away from Hirafu (I would be driving) I've lived in the area before, but didn't have to find my own place and was paying 20k for a 3LDK, which I doubt is the norm?
  7. Round 2! The snow kept falling through the week so I went back to Asahidake on Sunday (4/21). Totally different weather from last time, I'll let the photos do the talking. Perfectly clear conditions until around noon, then some high clouds rolled in, but visibility was practically unlimited all day. We got to explore most of the ropeway serviced terrain, accessing fresh runs all day. A 20 minute hike to the skier's left of the ropeway station got us to a beautiful ridge with a decently long line with perfectly spaced trees. We hit several pillows and drops as
  8. Looks like I might be going up again this weekend 500km roundtrip but I can't say no to April powder!
  9. Hi everyone. This is my first post on the forums, although I've been creeping for a while. I got a couple free lift tickets to Tomamu a while back, and I was asked to write a trip report on it. However, on the weekend I visited Tomamu there was nothing but ice all over the mountain, and I ended up just riding the terrain park the whole time, which isn't a whole lot to write about. So I thought I'd write about my trip to Asahidake from this weekend instead. I live in southwest Hokkaido, about an hour west of Sapporo. Spring has hit the region, with the giant walls of snow on the sides o
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