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  1. Any day on the mountain is a good day as far as I'm concerned. If you're not enjoying it then go find another sport. One that does not rely on the weather. Maybe darts.
  2. I got my good fix of pow on Sunday. That was pretty epic actually. Some of us have a real job though so couldn't get yesterday off. I took all my sick days off during Jan and Feb pow.
  3. You need equal stoke when talking about crappy days around here. "The crust was awesome". "The ice was epic". "the slush was deep" Keep up the good work MP. I love any day on the hill no matter where it is. Always better than a day at work, always.
  4. Everybody who left or did not come because of earthquake and radiation issues should not be allowed back into the country. Your support was required for this year. Say no to Flyjins and chickenjins.
  5. Tonights forecast is for snow again. This year Iwe have been so lucky with the weekends offering up fresh snow more often than not. Now where to go?
  6. Thought we would chance it with Cortina so got up early. Checked their page on the way and they only got 5cm so detoured to Happo and got 15 around the top of the resort. Not bad for a no snow day:) Some good turns early but not great vis. Fun day though.
  7. Altitude. But without that, like any other prediction of amounts of snowfall, it's a guess. Would you care to hazard a guess as to where the best place in central Honshu will be tomorrow?
  8. My pal is on Tsugaike at the moment and says it is snowing so that's a good sign. Shiga might get the most outta this storm maybe.
  9. Which Norikura did you go to? Norikura Kogan. I never really talk about Norikura in Hakuba without mentioning her beautiful sister Cortina. Last weekend we only had about 15cms of fresh but still got in some good turns. Lots of potential on a big powder day though.
  10. Waiting on the forecast to make the decision. Loved it at Norikura on Saturday.
  11. I'm guessing you're a lazy sod then. Hakuba has been good to me this season. Did one weekend elsewhere but didn't score so didn't post. Will be travelling a bit more but I do like a little nightlife when I'm out and about.
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