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  1. PP: I'm just working in a clothes/shoe store called Stadium. so nothing interesting.
  2. 100 days in Fernie, BC 1 in Nakiska 1 Sunshine Village 2 Lake Louise 1 Revelstoke 1 Kimberley so 106 days this season.
  3. Thanks for all that information and help, i really appreciate this . TB: It have also been Shiga Kogen, Hakuba and Niseko, i have had my focus on, Shiga and Hakuba because of the size, and placed is better located in Japan, so it could be possible to do some road trips. and Niseko because of all that snow there are falling. And i know i can get a Working Holiday, so that’s not a problem . Tj: Thanks for the info, and good to know there is free bus service. My plan is to have money with me to fly ticket, season ticket, car, and ski equipment. So i â€just†need to earn mo
  4. I am planning to take a season in Japan, I am looking for a resort there got a lot of snow, have a resort size there is acceptable if you will be there for the whole season. Maybe a place where there are other resorts close to the main resort. The plan is to do some off-piste, out of boundary, tree-runs. I have been reading about some few resorts: Kagura, Niigata Happo One, Nagano Nozawa Onsen, Nagano Shiga Kogen, Nagano Yamagata, Zao Onsen Niseko Are there any of them you can recommend,? Some other basic questions about. Is it easy for an European, to find job
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