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  1. I've been a skier for 15years and within the past 5years have boarded more and more. The last 2 seasons I've gone about 50/50 when I go for fun. No hate We all slide down the hill on fiberglass with edges for fun! I also volunteer teaching disabled skiing in sit-skis, and I can only do that with while skiing. Pumped for the snow!
  2. I applied to a job as a civilian working in the US Naval hospital there. I hope it works out, as the more I research the more it seems like it's an amazing place. I'm a few hour drive from the good mountains now, so I'm used to having to travel for the snow. I'm also excited to try this brew that's tougher then tanks!
  3. I'm new to the site and looking to move out there some time in the next few months. I'm in the midst of researching the ski scene now, as I'm a pretty aggressive skier and snowboarder. I would love to hook up with some good skiers and/or snowboarders when I get there. Most likely moving to Yokosuka. I much prefer skiing off piste, but know nothing about the area. All I can offer then is some gas money, laughs, and a good ski partner
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