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  1. well we've just paid for our trip to japan so no chance in hell we're cancelling. i've wanted to go there for everrrrrrr! can't wait to check out tokyo and the snow in niseko (even if it is in early march) aud exchange rate is pretty poor but at the end of the day it's just money
  2. Yeah Perth is cool.. too bad no snow.. haha! so when you say niseko was bad last year how bad are we talking? i mean this trip isn't exactly the cheapest trip im going on and it will be our honeymoon so im hoping to at least get some snowboarding in : /
  3. Hi, I will actually be in niseko from mar 5-14 so i am really hoping the snow is still good. from the looks of things there's not much snowfall around this time but it was the only time i could make it up here too. anyone with experiences in niseko at this time know if its still good to do some boarding? i so hope so.
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