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  1. Originally Posted By: igloo Didn't it used to be run by the village, but now by a company. Even if the company has close village ties? It's a company that's basically run by the village.
  2. I don't really understand why you've taken it as if it's a personal thing against you, but like I mentioned earlier, for good or for worse the main group the resorts are appealing to are their Japanese guests and they rarely get bothered by post-poning the opening day. I don't necessarily agree or disagree with the way the resort handles its grand opening but it was looking quite hopeful when half the ski field was blanketed in white snow back in Nov this year. Again going back to what I said, snide remarks to other posters whether they're guests, lodge owners or work at ski resorts, isn
  3. You missed my point, it wasn't about having the resort to yourself but a response to why the ski resorts in Japan wouldn't deploy artificial snow early in the season as there's just not enough people to justify the increased costs.
  4. When I was testing out the 2011 skis, I fell in love with the Head iTitan super shapes. I ended up keeping them for this season and keen to really start pushing them out throughout the winter snow. I'd recommend asking at a rental store if you can switch skis throughout the day. Most of the rental stores are okay with it.
  5. seemore: In Japan, it wouldn't be economically feasible as the customers don't really start arriving until around the 20th due to the holidays etc. I can't really speak for many other resorts but most of the time, if you are able to ski in the first half of December, it's basically like having your own private ski resort. It's just not viable to create artificial snow for, like, 5-10 people (sure it's a bit of an exageration but yeah). I mean, if you compare lift prices between Japan and Australia, Japan's almost half price but machine running costs are about the same. I don't have a hand in a
  6. I laughed... When there's not enough snow, everyone's always saying to just give me a day off work xD. I remember a few years back, my boss was like "oh and can you bring some snow with you?" and I took a bottle of water, "it melted on the way D:"... except we had 30cm the day I arrived >_<. That said, we had 15cm of snow fall at the bottom over night. Snow is still falling but now it's a complete white out as well.
  7. Avoid the airports and banks where possible. Airports tend to try and capitalise on the "last minute forex" some people try and get done, you know, the money you forgot to exchange but really need it when you land and the exchange rate is not the first thing on your mind. Banks tend to just be.. well.. banks? The rates tend to be better with independents, for example, I know a few currency exchange agencies that specialise in JPY/AUD investments and they tend to have great AUD->JPY rates but mediocre JPY->AUD rates. It's also easier to find better rates in your home country b
  8. I guess it is my mistake. We had our exams on the 13th-14th at Kokenashi. I believe they also moved a few groomers up there in late November to start pressing down the snow. I suppose I hadn't really looked at the events around those days.
  9. The Nagasaka gondola and 2 of the yamabiko lifts were on in the last week of November, I took some new elans up on the first week of Dec.
  10. Originally Posted By: griller I know that Go Native. But the date some choose though is just simply unrealistic, almost every year. I can't think of once when Nozawa has hit that date, and I seem to recall that every single year it is postponed often by weeks. And take a look at Ryoma's comments above where he basically say they don't actually expect to open! Niseko may be different in that it usually is able to open close to that date. But lots of places on Honshu simply are not. The past few years have been opening as scheduled at Noz... even last year, we opened the top h
  11. I haven't really had time to follow the forums but I would have thought most people would have done that? *shrug*
  12. I'm stuck behind a desk for most of the time and I've got a bad habit of causing blizzards on my days off. I can honestly say I have not seen more than 3-5m of Nozawa at a time for the past 4 or 5 years.
  13. Originally Posted By: griller But the resort advertisers a 21st November opening date! You know, like nearly 3 weeks ago. And that was my original point. Yeah, you could go along with the over optimistic announcements or go from previous experience. I honestly never pay attention to when they "want" to be open by. I think we're still on track for an 11th opening (wait, was it the 11th? >_>; plz don't quote me D:)
  14. A bit of trivia about Natto... soy beans (daizu) was often used as horse feed in feudal Japan as it was plentiful and a lot cheaper than other feeds and was usually wrapped and carried in straw. The story goes that during a battle campaign, the Minamoto camp was ambushed. They had just started boiling the soy beans for their horses and, in their rush, they just packed it up in their straw containers. When they opened their feed bags, the beans had, of course, fermented. Since their horses generally were worth more than themselves, the soldiers tried the beans first and found that they lik
  15. I usually expect the all the runs to be open around 10th~20th Dec in Noz. The top half is usually skiiable by the 10th. Generally speaking, the staff here are still doing their summer jobs until about the 12th~16th. If you think of it that way, they generally expect to be able to do their work (carptenteering/building etc etc) until that date. The instructor/coach refresher courses are held around te 14th~17th of Dec for the qualified coaches etc and they're usually done in less than ideal snow because they want to get it done before the season really starts. Either way, we've got a
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