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  1. On my own, don't really care if bar up or down. When with anyone else, especialy strangers, always bar down. Never know what stupid thing some other numbskull will do and take me with them. Not very trusting am i. When kids are on the lift..it's a no brainer. Have thought about a helmet for a while, and now am going to wear one. I wear one when riding a pushbike and motorbike, so is skiing any safer? This year a friend fell on softish snow and ended up in wally world for about two minutes after what looked like a very soft fall. You just never know i guess.
  2. Originally Posted By: The Gimp . Add to that some heavy duty cultural reticence to accommodate foreigners and a general cultural reluctance to change (the nail that stick up gets hit) and it is little wonder the resorts all work to maintain the status quo, particularly while government handouts keep things ticking over. A book title "Dogs and Demons,The Fall of Modern Japan" by Alex Kerr will give a good explanation of how and why things happen in Japan. It is true that in general the Japanese people are xenophobic, BUT, i have found that if you take the initiative to build relat
  3. Originally Posted By: MikePow [For the moment, it would seem that the Niseko Resort Area ticks more boxes for most people visiting Japan. Agreed. That is why Hakuba resorts need to do some serious thinking. Both Niseko and Hakuba offer good things. They are quite different, and isn't that a good thing. Hopefully Hakuba can learn from other places and pick up on the good points, whilst retaining it's own unique identity. I really think the injection of foreign capital into Niseko has at least brought some fresher ideas. Will it happen in Hakuba? Not untill the old brigade have ben pushe
  4. Have come in late on this topic, but here are my observations. A lot of the talk seems to be centred on off piste skiing. . At least 70% of the skiing public do not have the skills ,or, the inclination to go off piste. Any look at the slopes at Niseko will see four times as many people on the groomers as going off piste even when the areas are open.As much as a lot of readers of forums like this do go off piste,us forum members would be lucky to be 10% of the skiing public. The resorts gain the vast majority of their income from skiers who are happy to stay on piste. Why would they change
  5. Originally Posted By: Yappy Hey there Hope you're all good!!!!! Looks like Lodge Tibi-Tibi is our accommodation choice for Feb. It's got its own park?!! Anyone stayed here before?? Cheers, Yappy It sounds cheap, but you pay extra for most things, like using the hot tub, towels and others. Heaters are turned off at night from all reports from others who have stayed. You only get what you pay for.
  6. Last season there was the demo ski place in Escal Plaza hiring the top end of all the different styles (carve, powder etc). Top brands, and each night they are hot waxed.
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