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Okay, I have skiied for a very long time now and never in my life have I overheated as much as I do in Japan.


I ski mainly in Niigata, but whether I be on my way there on the train or skiing there I am always too damn hot! And it's not like I am dressed up for Antartic or mountain weather with wool and puffy jackets and stuff!!!


In fact the only time I have been cold-ish is in Hokkaido.


Okay, my question to all is what do you wear under your outer wear?


I wear a Thermatech(like polypropelene, but with the ability to wick moisture away from the body while keeping your body heat in and keeping you dry) t-shirt underneath a 100% cotton long sleeve t-shirt on top.


On the bottom I wear polypropelene long johns.


Anyone else have this problem?


Am I just naturally a hot guy? cool.gif

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Sweat like a pig, me. By the end of my first run, I have a sticky wet band around my waist that spreads outwards. By lunchtime, I'm soggy all over. When I take my helmet off it steams for five minutes.


I used to board with a fleece on, but now I just wear a cotton longsleeve T-shirt under my jacket. You need to have a neck protector though to keep the wind out on the lifts, otherwise you quickly freeze.


Overheating is a problem alright, especially as, well, it's been a hot season.

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Yeah, but you`re English ocey so of course you`re going to sweat like a pig. I`m tipping you only have Pommy showers too!


HAVE A REAL SHOWER.This is the Shower Police.

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Cotton anything is a NO NO as they do not wick away the moisture. Also, the outer shell sould not have any insulation - you adjust with layers inside. And stay away from waterproof/breathable fabric anything other than Gore tex, as others are truely not breathable and wil trap heat inside.


My typical set up is:


Top: Patagonia silk weight base layer

Mid weight layer (like Pata R1)

3 layer jacket (Burton AK, Marmot, etc..)


Bottom: Wacol CWX performance long john

Knee pads and a 3 layer pants


Plus a neck gaitor if really cold. and a very thin vest in a pocket.

I am typically OK except coldest times in Niseko.

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i wear a made in china, 100% cotton t-shirt under my semi-thinish outerjacket.

and some super-lightweight pants.

i dont find i get too hot at all,

if its a gaddamn cold day, i might slip a fleece under my outerjacket.

but usually, if i get cold, ill just hike the jump or pipe and not ride the lift.


you people wear too much.

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