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Today, Saturday, the HakubaNow! report says that routes 1,2,3 and a bit of 4 are open at Hakuba47.


My map says that routes 1 and 4 are red (advanced), and 2 and 3 are blue (intermediate).


Can anyone confirm this is true? I could probably just about handle the blue runs even with it being my first time out this season, but I am going with some newbies who have only been out a few times.


I am wondering if its gonna be too difficult for us tommorow?

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It sounds like you've got a strange map of 47 there.


Even though only three lifts are going, almost the whole resort (the on-piste bits, that is) is open.




The lifts going are the gondola (bottom right), one of the short A:B pairs that run parallel in the middle, and the quad (line C-long diagonal in the middle up to the left). The top lift (marked line E) is not open.


The beginner runs are green, the intermediate runs are red, and the advanced runs are blue. BUT the intermediate red runs in the middle are hardly worthy of the name. They're ideal for beginner practice, are numbered Routes 4, 5 and 6 and have been open all week. The long red run down to the bottom is called Route 1. Even mid-season, the bottom parts of this course get very icy and are on a par with the advanced blue runs Route 2 and 3. The top part of Route 1 up to the turn off to get back down to the quad is not so difficult, so you can still ride the quad without going down the blue courses.


There's also a beginner forest course that turns off from Route 3 and goes down the extreme right to reach the top of the gondola. It's not marked on the old map above. I don't know if its open, but it's a lot better than the lower beginner course. Watch out for catching edges on such flat terrain.


If you're friends don't practice, they're not going to get any better....

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