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Apologies if in the wrong section!


For summer I got an Olympus Stylus tough tg-3 as I was heading to Ishigakishima (Okinawa) with lady Peetan, and I wanted some nice underwater coral shots as well as thinking of the winter snow fun potential. It takes a good picture and the video isn't bad either, though the inability to disable autofocus/set manual focus is a bit of a pisser. It's a little heavier than the gopro I'd say, especially with the fisheye lens attached. about 2-3 times heavier than an iPhone 5S, as a comparison.


However, I'm finding it really difficult to find chest/helmet/board mounts for anything that isn't action camera (sony, gopro, panasonic etc) or iPhone. I would have thought that a universal screw mount would have been easily findable, but unless I am blind (I might be) there aren't that many around, if at all. I heard that vacuum mounts don't work too well in the cold, either?


Does anyone have any recommendations, preferably something I can buy in Japan?

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